Until you come back home

by Beautiful Tragedy   Feb 20, 2018

When things get patchy and you need time to figure shit out-
I’ll give you the space you need until you’re ready.
And while you’re away for a little bit if things get stressful and you need to clear your head-
Remember that I’m always here silently cheering you on while
you tackle every problem life throws at you like the champion you are.
If your confidence in yourself starts to falter and you have even the slightest shred of doubt
about anything-
Don’t forget how smart you are,
And how you will always accomplish anything you want to.
If you start to feel like things are a little overwhelming;
Or you maybe miss me a little too much to push out while your figuring things out and can’t find any comfort in material things-
Look for me in our purple sunsets because I’ll be right there-
waiting for you until you can
come back home.


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