How you make me feel

by Beautiful Tragedy   Feb 26, 2018

I remember sitting at the bar;
Looking up at you while you weren’t paying attention and thinking to
“Look at how handsome he is.”
You were watching something on the flat screen TV;
And you probably knew that I
was looking at you because you catch me gazing at you all the time
but I couldn’t help myself.
You are so amazing-
And every little detail that makes
up you just takes my breath
Every perfect flaw makes my heart swell and;
As I memorized every detail
of your face that night I realized
just how in love with you I really am,
And how much I never ever
want that to go away.
I know things with us are so simply complicated it’s ridiculous and
that when it really comes down to it what are the real chances of us actually being together?
So I memorized every detail of
your face that night because honestly;
someday when you leave me,
(and you will)
I don’t ever want to forget you,
let alone how you make me feel.


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  • 9 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What I like about your work, BT, is that it never fails to put me right in the setting and make me feel like an observer, such is the detail you write in. The formatting is always a pleasure to view as well.

    Take care,


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