Tear in your Hand

by Aodh Hyperion   Jul 19, 2004

Light shapes your beautiful charmed body with tenderness
Wild horses run unendingly on a hill searching for faith
River runs through my hands like an endless love song
Stars fall from the sky covering your glowing face
Heart still thinks love takes so long
To bring the soul the complete happiness

I can hear your voice sound like a valentine’s poem
My soul sank in your deepest lovely dreams
Like a lonely painter drawing a perfect love on a colorful canvas

You touched my heart with your love and tenderness
A tear ran down on my face so slowly like a drop of water falls on the sand
Sailing in a brand new vessel chasing away the loneliness
A tear swimming forever in your hand

You laid down your body next to mine
Our loving eyes cherished the birds’ flight in the blue sky
Your lips came closer mine making me shiver and flush myself
I held you so tight giving all my love to you and no one else
You really filled my heart with your precious love

I will love you till the end of time, my life
Our loving hearts will never grow old
Living in a dream forever and ever by your side

My heart brought to your soul so much joy
A tear ran down on your beautiful face straight to my fingertips
The love I feel for you is so real and everlasting, my little boy
My hands caressed you so sweet and I didn’t hesitate in kissing your honey lips
A tear that swims forever in my hand


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