Comments : Until We Meet Again

  • 13 years ago

    by ღ kristabelle ღ

    hey! u know.. not all guyz are da same.. it juz so happenz dat i was unlucky to hab come across da not-so-good one!
    if u don't mind me askin.. how far away are u from each other? i don't know either of u but u seem to be juz like how i was.. but dat doesn't mean that da same thing will happen to the 2 of u.. falling in-love is such an amazing thing.. and everyone would agree..
    funny as it seems, i'm quite thankful that what happened, happened.. atleast i was able to prove to myself that i am strong and i also proved to him dat i stayed true.. (if u get my drift..) u know.. you won't know unless u try.. and the thrill of finding out won't be there unless u take sum risks - providing u'r willing to accept all consequences - gud and bad..
    hope everything workz for u! and good luck!!

    thankz for messagin!