Candied ecstacy

by pinkalias   Dec 20, 2004

Your candy coated soul is sugar to my veins
while your strawberry center ignites my tongue with a sweet sensation
can't deny your sugar frosted highlight
when your smile beaming is sweetened pure delight
buttered skin and caramel caress
how can i refuse this treat
vanilla drowns my body as you wash over me

your body, a creamed aroma of sweet surrender
your eyes, milk and honey could not be sweeter
the voice which grows within you sends me such a rush
the hands on which you hold me are rays of candied sunshine

thick and smoothly flowing chocolate whispers caress my lips
the fruitful hidden treasure of sweetened luscious gold
jewels lay scattered around you, your figure seems to shine
sugared words whisper to your thoughts and churn in filling clouds

Raspberry rivers flow through your fingers
The juice soothes my state of mind
Thick and full, drown me over
lock me in your arms, here I shall never starve

Adrenaline of a raging high to which i shall never fall
This fruitful hidden paradise which has been blessed to me
Delightful secret heaven for which to call all my own
My delicious wonder, my candied ecstasy

*yes...I am aware this is kind of weird, I usually don't write stuff like this, it just sort of came. Feel free to criticize, trust me I wont be offended*


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  • 13 years ago

    by Shædow Poet

    I was sure I'd read and commented on this poem... for some reason comments I make seem to disappear sometimes :| it's really freaky.
    But anyways...
    this poem was good enough to eat! It was like the candy shop of love.. wow, I sound weird. But it was awesome- written with beautiful description, sweet words and a vast amount of originality!
    I'm sorry... I can't find anything to critisize in this poem. I think it was great, beautifully written and utterly talented.
    5/5! Well done on a truly remarkable piece of work.

  • 13 years ago

    by TAinted vįŕťues

    I dont really know what to say...i think it's good. But i think u were trying somthing out her.

    It reads too much like an experiment,

  • 13 years ago

    by Kiersten Nicole

    good job! your a gifted writer... haha thats great that you are opened to criticism but, i have none!
    :o) - K

  • 13 years ago

    by Edina

    wow that is such a beautiful poem keep it up !! take care
    ~lots love

  • 13 years ago

    by Unseen Exposure

    Wow. What an amazing idea for a poem. This is really different from your other writings, but does not seem out of place. It's really beautiful. The similies, and metaphors, comparisons... it's all so wonderful.