Love are true

by Firooz   Aug 22, 2005

Every so often (It is really quite rare)
along comes a parent whose life force is care
helping her siblings, her friends, and her kin
Be nice to each other, and we all win!
your first lesson is: We believe in you!
This parents caring and love are true.

Every so often, the teaching of duty
Remember my darlings, everyone has beauty,
The meaning of truth, without all rosy glasses
Really removes the image of classes
No matter the outcome, we always knew
This parents duty and love are true.

Every so often, and not much more
Along comes a parent who knows the score
Teaching honesty, values, and great moral right
Never backing down, from even the toughest fight
Be true to yourself, it is the toughest to do,
This parents morals and love are true.

Every so often, she would act like a nurse,
Soothing bruised egos and curing what is worse
Arguing with teachers, doctors and more
Never missing an event, always knowing the score
You are my babies, honest and good, and we knew it too
This parents care and love are true.

Every so often, in her own little way,
she taught us the value of every day,
Live each day to the fullest,
cause it really would nott last
and there is no value in worrying what is past,
so all of life is bumps we would fly through
Knowing this parents life and love are true.

Every so often, and it took a lot of gall
This house is a locker room, no one listens at all,
I am a small boy with no power,
Even though her rage made large men cower
I kid not, ask the kin and they would tell you
This parents power and love are true

Every so often, we would ask why
She would teach us things that money can not buy
Morals and manners and things that last
These are the teachings of civilizations past!
Remember they help whatever you do.
This parents teachings and love are true.

Every so often, with wisdom and wit,
the mix of which would always fit
the value of Integrity and Honor we learned
Respect is not given, it must be earned!
The examples we sought and the fables we slew
this parent's Honor and Love are true.

Every so often, (more often than not ' but that's an aside)
She always would tout her children with pride
From helping the elderly to teaching the young,
'No good deeds were ever unsung'
It is with great pride, I say it is true
This parent ' MOM ' is you

For my Mother . just Firooz.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Viola

    This is inceredible..and very touching..mother are amazing at how they influence us and you have really stated that in your poem in a lovely way. good job!

  • 12 years ago

    by Firooz

    Thanks for your comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Lu

    This is a really really nice poem