Another Lonely Christmas

by Ann Stareyes   Dec 11, 2005

Christmas is here once again
Such a beautiful time of year
Another lonely Christmas
Mom's Void brings me to tears.

Growing up as a child
I still remember Mom so well
I remember those good night kisses
And the stories she would tell.

There were six of us kids
She was busy as could be
She Loved us all so much
Anyone could see.

As each day would end
She'd finally get a break
She'd always read her Bible
And then she would pray.

She was our inspiration
That kept us on solid ground
She was our rock
That kept us all sound.

Then came the day
The Doc broke our hearts
Mom Had cancer
And I felt my heart stop.

He told us she had 6 months
I cried and I prayed
I didn't question God
But I begged him to let her stay.

After she was told this
She was still strong as could be
Her faith was remarkable
And the pain she didn't want us to see.

As each day went by
We stayed at her side
We watched her fade away
And all we could do was cry.

She lived 14 months
After she had been diagnosed with this
God extended her time
To help us prepare for this.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997
My phone rang
My sis said, "Ann, Mom's turned for the worst
And she's calling your name.

When I got there
I knew it wouldn't be long
Death was in her eyes
God soon would carry her home.

In her final moments
Each of us kids told her of our love
Of how it would remain with her
When she'd take her journey above.

I stayed by her side
For 2 long days
She smiled and closed her eyes
Then she slowly drifted away.

God gave me the strength
To turn loose and let her go
But he still knows today
How I miss her so.

I still try to make Mom proud
Because she's looking from above
She would be proud of me
I thank her for all her love.

Oh how she loved Christmas
Sharing it with her kids and friends
Us cooking our Christmas dinner
I'll cherish these memories till the end.

Now the holidays are here again
And in my heart so much pain
Of not having her with me
And the tears flow like rain.

Christmas time is so hard
But I'll make it through with God's help.
No One could ever miss their Mom as much as I miss mine!

(In Loving Memory Of My Mom
Jan.19,1937-March 13,1997)


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Ellen

    This is such a good poem and i would like to commend you on being such a strong person and never losing your faith. from what you say about your mother in this poem, she seems like a truely strong woan. you must of inherited her strength as well. again, beautiful poem. 5/5!! feel free to check out mine, loving you is my secret and my other one is called take me to the place

  • 12 years ago

    by Laura

    Omg when i read this i swear i cried it is soo sad i was balling this is a really good poem its soo sad but im sorry to hear about your mom and im sure gods taking care of her in heven this is a really awesome poem extremely sad omg its sooo good. okay well keep up the good work

  • 12 years ago

    by Natalie84

    It's seems like I been away from here for ever. I miss this damn place! The poetry and the people! I so quickly forget the talent within this site...and then I come and kicks me right in the head! lol

    Reading your poem made me think hard about the day I'll be forced to say good bye to my mother. I can't imagine the pain felt inside for there is no greater love than a mother. Your emotion grabs the reader is this Miss Ann...the struggle is definitely heard but you wrote it gracefully and without trouble it seems. I can't say I understand or know where you're coming from as I do NOT...but I will say she IS with you. You speak of your faith in the remember he allows her to be with you. I hope your holidays are wonderful! Do take care!

    Now...I got some catching up to do. Merry Christmas!!!

  • 12 years ago

    by Amber

    Tragically exquisite.

  • 12 years ago

    by JJ

    I've never really experienced coping with the death of a loved one..I guess you could say I'm lucky in a way. my grandmother often talks about death and if anything should happen to her, I don't know what I'd do. I admire your strength and courage. I'm sure your Mom is very proud of you. take care! happy holidays!!!