Comments : To My Girlas...(Yeah This Means Ya Two)

  • U r alwayyyyyz welcome this poem almost made me cry and well it did and i am crying...u r such a gooood friend ma...its just amazing...well i love the worldzzzz...and most importantly i love ya mucho

  • 12 years ago

    by dora

    Hey darl. a beautiful dedicati0n t0 special pe0ple. beautifully written hun. just read ur c0mment 0n latest p0em.. just a bit d0wn - few things happened tw0 nights ag0..s0 yer neway thanks f0r caring! =) neway u t0o keep up the great w0rk!! =)

    l0ve always d0ra

  • 12 years ago

    by Sexy Chicana

    Dat poem was tight it reminds me of a homegirl I have her names Norma! She's always there in a time of need especially now that my vato or ex $h!t I dont even know but now that he's locked up. Can you and your homiez and others read my poem Amor Prisonera I need some advice on this.