Comments : Like Nothing Else On Earth

  • 13 years ago

    by David Munoz

    Please vote/comment. Thanks in advance.

  • 13 years ago

    by Sole

    Off to the right there lies a city
    Full of the great achievements of man
    But I would gladly trade all these away
    For the warmth and comfort of your hand

    Behind me lies the vastness of the world
    Created perfect by God's own hand
    But still I would give it all
    If beside you I could stand

    Awesome stanza's ^^ Really great write - I can relate, and it's pictured so beautiful, the use of perfect imagery really brings the poem to life.

    Peace. [Sole]

  • 13 years ago

    by amelia

    Wow ! wat an amazing poem !
    nothin less...
    its a wonderful poem
    so picturesque...
    great work

  • 13 years ago

    by Kaylee

    Everything about this poem is not only romantic but kind of magical. I love it when someone can write a love poem without it sounding cliche. It kept mya ttention all the way through. And kind of makes me wish I had somebody to write a poem like that about me lol

  • 13 years ago

    by Biscuit

    The rhyming pattern you've used works really well here and i love the way each stanza is introduced, good work. xx

  • 13 years ago

    by krzysiek

    Really good rhyems, flow.
    it is really good love poem... keep that good work.

  • 13 years ago

    by Tripp

    Amazing poem, amazing imagery, amazing emotion and love...whoever you wrote this for, is VERY lucky. probably one of the best love poems I've ever read. keep up the excellent work...

  • 13 years ago

    by Carmen

    A beautiful, amazing poem.... the sweetest thing i've read for a long while. 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Melody

    Beautiful Poem :)

    keep it up :)