A Father's Love

by Charissa   Jun 9, 2006

Look at you an image in white
Or should I say an angel that shines so bright
Just a few years ago it seems you where still a little girl
With hair that would just naturally curl
And now today you are not so small
Instead you stand so tall
Getting ready to walk down the aisle
And I stand here wishing this day wasn't for awhile
The music has began
And I have to be a man
I begin walking you down very slow
Knowing soon I will have to let you go
So you can go and make a family of your own
And watch your kids grow like I have watched you grown
We get to the alter and I lift your veil
And I stare into your eyes recognizing every little detail
I kiss your cheek
As the priest begins to speak
He asks who gives this girl away
And I do is what I say
I go to my seat
And feel as if my job as a dad is now complete
I hear you say,"I do"
And reality hits I know that this is true
You leave for your new life
Not as my little girl but as someone's wife
I will always love you
Because a father's love can never be overdue


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by heather

    I love your writing bc me and my father are so clse and soon i am getting married we have talk so much about it and cried in each other arms ....i loved it its very pretty keep it up

  • 12 years ago

    by meg

    This is a really great poem
    and i love it
    ur such a great writer
    and i know its deffinatley painful for a dad do give his girl away not from experience but from watchin someone do it and cry over it

    i give this a 5/5