Birthday wish

by Ann   Aug 26, 2006

Your not going to believe
What just arrived
My perfect Birthday present
What a surprise
I know I cant keep it
It has to go back
But to have it at all
Its great no doubt about that
As I slowly unwrap
All of its layers
I will certainly savor all its flavors
Its not a present to be opened fast
But one I want to last and last
I yearn to play with it in every way
Even if its only for a day
It makes me happy
It makes me sad
Only present I yearn for
And I cant not keep
But if only for one day
To play and play and play
Will be it be fast or will it be slow
Both I think who knows
To send it back will be hard
Its not mine to keep I know
So I dream of it instead
All in my head
As I watch the moon so bright
In the middles of this special night
And I know my birthday present wish
Is somewhere out there reading this
What can be so special a gift you ask
To be able to have you just one day
On my birthday
Even if its in my head.


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