Happy Birthday Grandma

by Jesse Miller   Oct 15, 2006

Happy Birthday grandma, their is still so much to say
Your one-year-older, but my love will not age a day
If it's the thought that counts, than I've done very good
If I could show you the love in my heart then you know I would
Maybe this is only words-with out a colorful gift
But you gifted me when my eyelids began to lift
I saw the light you shine on my very soul
If I make you smile once I accomplished my goal
I just hope its not fake unlike my love for you
Your getting closer to what god has above for you
But don't worry you will be missed, more than you know
And we will see each other again, where only smiles are aglow
So happy birthday grandma, today we celebrate your birth
One day is just not enough to show how much your worth


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