Your Birthday

by Richard S   Oct 22, 2006

You keep yourself so busy
On your natal day
You keep yourself so busy
I don't know what to say.

Do the years disturb you
Is it hard to play
Does time passing bother you
I don't know what to say

Another year has come and gone
Another year has passed
Life can be for some a con
But I know you take no sass

I know that life has taught you much
I know your heart grows strong
I know that when I feel your touch
Nothing can be wrong

I think that spending time on earth
Being who you are
Spreading happiness, joy and mirth
Is the best thing by and far

You do that everyday my dear
You fill my heart with joy
I say this to you most sincere
I say this without ploy

The years ahead may not be such
As years we've seen behind
But time with you will seem so much
More pleasant and more kind

For in your eyes and in your heart
A young girl lives there strong
For in your eyes and in your heart
I feel I can't go wrong

So if another year be measured
Take it in your stride
You must be one who many treasured
I say this with great pride

I say that those you've touched so well
In your many years
Would go to heaven and to hell
To wipe away your tears

I'm sure you've touched so many
In your life's adventure
And if I had a billion bucks
I'd give it to your venture

You must not count the years as sums
You must not count the digits
Time is like a loving mum
She won't allow our fidgets

So when our natal days are here
Embrace them to our breast
The future should not hold a fear
It should be but a crest

And you should look upon it well
A good life led indeed
Natal pride should make heart swell
Good lives spread healthy seeds

So look upon this day my sweet
And think it not time passed
Think of time ahead my sweet
Knowing what can last

Take your knowledge of your years
Package them with love
Revel in my happy tears
Be that guiding dove

Be the dove that Noah sent
In search of fruitful coasts
Be to me what can be meant
Be to me the most

Our ages mesh at fifty three
In six short happy cycles
Our youth remains as roots of tree
Says smiling angel Micheal

I do not fear the years from now
How small they seem to get
I do not fear the years from now
My mind is firm and set

To be with you forever more
Will make time stand quite still
But if our lives go four more score
I'd not have got my fill


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Jeannie

    What better way to express your love and commitment. Very touching.

  • 12 years ago

    by *shae-natasha*

    Long poem but beautiful. : )