All I want For Christmas

by Diana   Dec 6, 2006

I do not want an i pod
or a shiny new car
all I want is you
and to know exactly where you are

I do not want some music
or a cuddly new bair
all I wants you warm embrace
to feel your fingers through my hair

I do not want a sketch pad
or a hat that fits just right
I only want you dear
to feel your arms around me tight

I do not want some pencils
or a stocking full of joy
for nothing else can take the place
of you my favorite toy

I do not want a card or letter
not even a kitten could make me grin
I'm wishing hard as a wish could be wished
I only want you then ill be happy again

I do not want a Christmas bike
not even a pair of shoes
I only have a single wish
to wipe away my Holiday blues

I do not want some makeup
or some pj's for the night
nothing can take his place
or make my Christmas bright

I do not want some earrings
I really do believe
Christmas will not be Christmas
If i do not have my Steve


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  • 10 years ago

    by Im In Love What Can I Say

    Awww this is a cute poem ... i like the last verse. great poem 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by Ike Dizzle

    Aww this is soo sweet lol. Great job 5/5