Comments : Them

  • 11 years ago

    by Not Bulletproof

    Wow. I wish I could vote for this a million times over. I really, really liked this one. It doesn't suck at all, as you said it did. I think it's one of your best. It's so you. It's awesome because I can imagine you saying/reading it in my head, and it's just so nice. I love you so much, and thank you, as well, for not being like them. You're the greatest, babe. Always.

    Only one thing I'd like to mention this time, and that's just simply that you don't have to put all your poems as sadness, you know. Unless you want to, but sometimes the Mods will move your poem for you if you don't o.O. Not that that's a big deal, just saying. I'd put this under like, friendship or explicit, maybe. *Shrugs*

    Oh, and one other thing:
    "Why do not do they even try"
    --Correction? o.O.

    I LOVE YOU, for who you are, who you were, and whoever you'll become.