The tears are back

by candace   Apr 17, 2007

Happy birthday brother,
It's the big double digits
Your cake is yummy chocolate
It's been your favourite since six.

My baby brother it's a big day
I wish you could get presents
But your friends forget today
And mum's tears have drowned it.

I sing the song without their help
And look you in the eye
I wish I could see you smiling
And wish I wouldn't cry.

I take a piece of cake, it's too big for one
I put some in front of your face
I wait till you eat it up
But your face is frozen in place.

I'm starting to get frustrated
Telling you to eat and eat
I even get so angry and mad
That I stand from my tattered seat.

"Eat it now, it's your birthday!"
I yell and scream
But your face is mocking back at me
This fantasy is just another dream.

"Happy birthday my brother,
I hope you can see me now
I hope you're looking down from heaven
And notice my unhappy frown."

I eat my cake, sing the tune
And whisper one more goodbye
It's been months, I wish you didn't go
Today you're suppose to be alive.

I walk away from the photo I took
Why were you so unhappy that day?
I don't even have a photo of your happiness
For your special birthday.

** Written for my mothers brother who died at the age of 7.**


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Ashley Koper

    That was a good poem. i thought it was awesome. i know it would it be hard if i lost my little brother he means a lot to me. keep it up

  • 11 years ago

    by MaSkEdSoUl

    Awww thats ssoo sad. I like the story. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up!!

  • 11 years ago

    by Wallace

    Very good poem, really enjoyed it, keep up the good work. Check on my poems when you have the time.

    Best Wishes