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  • 11 years ago

    by firexdancer

    This made me smile at the end ashlie, you use your poems to say exactly what you want to say and say it perfectly. this is so sweet, 5/5 i hope your doing good.
    luv gabriella

  • 11 years ago

    by MaSkEdSoUl

    Great ending.....puts a smile on ones face. I like how you write, whatever happens you always right about it and it always has great flow and rhythmn and goes well together. Keep writing!! 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by Just Lucy

    Awwww Ashlie!! you really do have a way with words, how you can just write about the events that have happened and still make me smile in the end, even in a sad poem, your just sooo positive!!
    I may not have clown love for you, but I do love you wiv all my heart hun!!

    Love always

  • 11 years ago

    by Wallace

    Excellent poem superbly done. It was a joy to read from start to finish, love it, keep it up.

  • 11 years ago

    by Roxy

    Awwww!! Last stanza was amazing.
    You have your way with words. Now I really have ran outta words to say about your poems. I'm stumbling =P
    =] Great work. MCL xx