This Woman.

by So-Not-Normal   May 5, 2007

From the day that I was born
I knew that I would do well
Because I saw the women that brought me here
And knew she'd catch me if I fell

All the time I was growing up
I always felt so calm and so safe
Because I knew I had someone with me
Who could always put a smile on my face

Even when I was a little girl
Making mistakes that were sometimes bad
She never, ever lost her temper
And she'd rarely show that she was mad

This woman is the reason
That I am who I am today
She did the perfect job
Of raising me in her way

I have so much love for her
Even more than my heart can hold
Sometimes I don't know what to do with it
So I tell her more than she needs to be told

This sounds like an amazing story
I bet your wondering who this woman could be
You're probably wishing you were her
So you could be the greatest person that anyone will ever be

Well, Guess what my dear
That amazing woman is you
You're the one this poems about
And all of these words are true

I love you oh so much
But those three words don't make it very clear
I couldn't even write it in a book
Because it would get longer by the year

I'm very lucky to have you as my mother
And I'm honoured to have you by my side
I wouldn't wish for anything better
Because God couldn't make it true, even if he tried.


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