Comments : MOCKING

  • 11 years ago

    by Momentary Relapse

    ...It's kinda evident there's another thing going on in this piece rather than surface value. In a way the...sarcasm can be seen quite clearly. It doesn't flow super great cuz of some mispelled words and all but there's something about this that kinda just...makes it interesting.
    'Country led by idiots at the top trying to ruin our lives,
    Bringing out the dead policies would be a god send.'
    Okay these lines are really my favorite. And the repetition of them is great and effective.
    'I do like my rats bathing in fortnightly collection [[of]] rubbish.'
    I laughed at this line cuz I could actually envision it. Though it's not meant to actually portray humor I did get that sense cuz I've seen some crazy stuff like that and know I hate it which makes the sarcasm that much evident to me. It's something very different from anything I've ever seen which makes it stand out that much more. Despite some mispelled words it was actually a cool write.