It's Tradition...

by More Than Words   May 30, 2007

Once again�
We sit here
As the minutes tick away.
Each glance
Or look
Brings us closer to the end.
But not exactly the end
For some it may be over.
For others it ay be just the beginning.
For some it may be a change,
A distance between two friends,
A distance between a boyfriend and girlfriend.
For others it is but a break,
A time off or a vacation.
But really it is just tradition.
We should be used to this by now
But as I look around to all the empty desks.
It feels so foreign to not have as many familiar faces surrounding me.
I know the time off will go by fast.
But all the familiar faces won't last.
Some will change for the good or worse.
Some just won't exist anymore.
Everything is different now just admit it!
The years continue and we get older.
But people change.
It is scare.
Yet it is tradition.
We cannot stop this change.
We must do nothing but live and deal with it.
So now all I can do
Is watch the minutes tick away
And wait.
Things are different now.
It's tradition.


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