Comments : How?

  • 10 years ago

    by Not Enough

    Wow, that's a really great poem!!

  • WOW!!!!!!!! I mean, WOW! You wrote it with the same impact my "I'm sorry" has but added a whole new dimension to it. I would have told you my favorite part but I loved the whole thing! Absolutely all of it! I think I'll add it under my favorite poems, actually, if that tells you anything :) 5/5 definately

  • 10 years ago

    by Siqua

    This is a really good poem.
    like once i finished reading it
    i felt this wave of emotion hit me.
    crazy sick poem.

    i love it.

  • I re-read this poem and although it is still completely stunning and powerful in its emotional aggressiveness.... but, I somehow think maybe the person that made you feel that way in the first place.... feels completely awful for it and i'm sure he would do anything he could possibly image to change the way that left you feeling... ***HUGS&KISSES***