Quotes by Maher

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  • For the ex :)

    "Not even the light of Heaven and the gravity of Hell could attract me to you again".

    3 years ago
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  • Once upon a time, aliens were intent on destroying the Earth. Now, they just sit back and watch.

    5 months ago
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  • "We live in an era of smart phones and stupid people".

    - Some meme

    1 year ago
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  • The universe truly is an unimaginably huge place. If the distance between your ears and your brain can only be measured in light-years, it really puts things into perspective doesn't it?

    4 years ago
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  • I'd bury you, but I'm afraid more idiots would grow.

    3 years ago
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  • Hope is a heavy thing. Place it too high and it'll fall with might.

    2 years ago
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  • That sinking feeling in your gut makes you want to take your life away, but it's that same feeling that often saves it.

    1 week ago
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  • I've known war in times of peace and peace in times of war, but never have I known peace to close its doors.

    1 week ago
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