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Jo at 2006-08-18

I love you too.

*~mallory~* ( F C ) at 2006-08-22

I love you my sweet precious Mommy! Lol MORE THAN JULIET LOVED ROMEO!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!! =D Your thebest poet EVER. NO MATTTER WHAT POEPLE SAY=D

Sarah ( C ) at 2006-09-04


*~mallory~* ( F C ) at 2006-09-20

Guess what Jessica. I already knew that! Lol JK JK JK. I love you.

Neha ( C ) at 2006-10-26

Aww..APPLE!!...great poem=)
loved it..5/5=)

locky ( F C ) at 2006-11-09

Great poem really really really good really well written

Redemption. ( F P C ) at 2006-11-09

Ooooh. Pretty! Serious emtion goin down. haha. 5/5

Ren at 2006-11-13

This poem is absolutely wonderful. You are quite the poet. Keep 'em comin' darlin' =]


Lola Granny ( P C ) at 2006-11-30

Jess granny hears ya on this one
call the piece truth sex and lies lol
love ya miss you and mall hope you gals had a nice turkey day I keep looking for you you like a lost poodle these days hugs my sweets to you and mallory

+ Alana ( F ) at 2009-09-07

really good...

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