8th grade graduation

by Keisha

This year has flown by so very fast,
but the memories we've made will forever last.

As we say goodbye yo all of our friends,
We know we'll always remember them until this life ends.

As we go out in the world and go our own way,
We know we'll all see each other again someday.

I wish all my fellow classmates the best,
And remember guys life is THE "TEST".

As we all leave today remember graduation is not an ending,
It is only a new beginning.


Submission date : 2006-06-15

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Latest comments

Itzel at 2006-06-24

Damn this is cute...i rememeberr my 8t grade graduation...i didnt sleep for a month cuz i was thinking of losing all my friends! good luck and congrats!

Katlyn ( F P C ) at 2006-07-02

Thats a great on i just graduated from 8th and it is so true

Brittany Paige ( F C ) at 2006-08-08

I like thia poem its really good.
keep it up!
hope to read from u.