Submission terms and guidelines

Please read our submission terms and guidelines. By posting material (poems, comments, quotes and/or forum posts) on this website, you are confirming that you have read these rules and agree to comply with them. Violation of these rules can result in suspension of your account.

Submission terms and guidelines as well as rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice at "Poems & Quotes" discretion. Any and all decisions are final and it is your responsibility to check these terms and guidelines regularly.

General Rules
  1. The first and most important rule is to be respectful to all members. Being disrespectful to other members will not be tolerated.
Poetry Submission Rules
  1. You must be the AUTHOR of poems and quotes you submit here. Do NOT submit texts that are not yours. It is a violation of COPYRIGHT LAW.

  2. In forum discussions, to refer to copyrighted poems or other material put a link to the original source, authorized by the author, instead of the poem or other material.

    In forum discussions, to refer to a poem or other material in the public domain which is no longer copyrighted you must still credit the author to avoid plagiarism. If appropriate, cite the work in which the text or poem appeared.

  3. Do NOT write in the TITLE of your poems requests for COMMENTS and/or VOTES. Do NOT use any SPECIAL CHARACTERS to make your title stand out.

  4. Do NOT submit texts in CAPITAL LETTERS.

  5. Your poems and quotes must be related to the CATEGORY you have selected.

  6. Do NOT submit texts on the subject of PORNOGRAPHY, VIOLENCE, or overly OFFENSIVE texts. EROTICS and/or PROFANITY should be submitted only in the category of EXPLICIT POETRY (if you are under the age of 18, you must have parental consent to post and/or read texts in this category).

    Though there is a fine line between erotic and porn, for the integrity of this site anything submitted referencing binding up, forcing sexual acts, and lewd or degrading comments may be classified as pornography. Some instances may be taken on a case by case basis

  7. Submit each text only ONE TIME. Do not post your poems in discussion forum.

  8. Save your poems on your computer before you submit them here. We are not liable for the loss of any of your work you submit.

  9. Check your poems and quotes for SPELLING and GRAMMAR ERRORS before submission. You can use our spell checker tool to fix errors.

  10. On your comments you have two links - one is a complain that allows you to complain on comments and the other is praise. The praise comments does not send a message back to the person who commented your poem, but instead it brings the comments forth to the moderators to see if they are worthy. We are receiving alot of praises on comments that simply state "well done" and the members praising are using the text box as a means of saying thank you. In the same manner, the message you put when you complain does not go to the commenter and we advise you to not use abrasive language in these complaints.
Forum Rules and Guidelines
  1. The number one rule is that each member be given the utmost respect when posting a sincere thread. If you have an opinion, thought, idea or disagree wholeheartedly with the thread, by all means be heard, but be heard tactfully and respectfully. If the initial thread violates the rules of this site, it is not up to the members to berate that individual, they will be dealt with within the realm of the sites rules by the mods or the administration.

  2. Threads or posts that will be terminated upon sight by a mod without warning or explanation are as follows:

    1. Harassment will not be tolerated.
    2. Offensive racial remarks vulgar, nasty sexual content.
    3. Certain words will automatically get you banned, that is out of respect for the many women and children on this site.

    The word "retarded" when used to state your opinion of someone will get you a penalty....the correct term is developmentally disabled, we have many members here who have loved ones afflicted with such a plight and it is very offensive to them. Also there will be times when we run across a post where the wording is so offensive and does nothing but berate an individual, group or race, that to leave it upon the boards even for a second is offensive to the entire site and the internet community, in those rare cases that too will be deleted with penalty.

  3. The Discussion Forums are supposed to be used for discussions, not to attack each other, or to make another member feel inferior.

  4. No spamming or bumping is allowed.

  5. No advertisements of any kind are allowed in the forums.

  6. Do not post your email address, personal address, myspace account, or any other pertinent personal information within the forum or on your profile. This is a rule to help us protect the younger members from would be child predators and also to stop members from getting unwanted spam.

  7. Do not post your poetry or links to your poetry within the forums, except within the contest forums, request/comment forum or special contests.

  8. There is a forum called request to read/comment, that is the only forum in which you are allowed to post requests for other members to read your work. Also do not answer a thread like this, yes I feel like that to, I even wrote a poem about it called "my parents hate me", that is a slick way of getting someone to check out your poem. Post requests to read/comment your poems only in this category.

  9. Do not report stolen literature in the forums. If you see or read a poem that you know isn't the members original work, the proper way to report it through the "report copyright violation/inappropriate text" link at the bottom of the poem. Please, besure to provide a link to where you've seen it or a book title where the poem can be found.

  10. The forums are for discussions, and are not to be used as a running IM session (friendship forum is the exception) between 2 or more members, also do not post consecutive posts, especially since there is an edit button and you can add to your post if you want.

  11. Do not post anyone's personal name outside of the members in a thread. Example, "my teacher Mr John Adams tried hitting on me".

  12. If you belong to a group, do not air group business in the general forums, handle it within the group, and if that can't be done, PM a mod. What goes on in each perspective group should stay in the group.

  13. Any profanity within the heading of a thread will cause that thread to be deleted immediately and a penalty issued, without an explanation. This is your explanation. Any swearing or vulgar slang is strictly forbidden.

  14. I'm bored threads are not acceptable, we are all bored at some point and yet we all have imaginations to keep us occupied, also I might be pregnant what shall I do threads are just ridiculous, first find out if you are and then we can possibly help discuss your options.

  15. Threads that have five or more of the same topics in the archives will be locked and you will be told about the search forum feature. If you want to bring up and old thread and add to it, that's fine as long as you have something to add and have stayed on topic.

  16. All posts with all caps will be deleted without penalty, unless the offender has been warned repeatedly.

  17. This is not a dating site, all posts saying I need a girlfriend/boyfriend "soliciting from the site" will be deleted.

  18. All posts pertaining to self harm and cutting are to be placed within its own stickied thread atop the depression/sadness forum.

  19. Do not start a thread asking people to pm you if they need help with something, that's what the forums are for, if someone posts a problem that you feel you have a great solution for and you don't wish to post within the thread, then pm them, but don't solicit info from the forums.
Other Rules
  1. Avatars must be appropriate, the owner of the site has stated he doesn't want any nudity, profanity, or self harm avatars displayed. Violators will be sent a message via the pm system to remove or change the offensive material, the time limit will be a week, unless it is so offensive it shocks the conscious of society you will be given 24 hours notice, if it isn't removed your account will be.

  2. Any member who is under suspension can not post in the forums under a different account, if you are caught your new account will be suspended as well, so we suggest everyone that is under suspension at this time appeal, and when doing so, please state why you were suspended, and what your intentions are in having your account reinstated. We are about to show a lot of lienency. Child predators and literary thieves need not apply for appeal.

  3. There is to be no profanity or offensive tags in your s/n (screen name).

  4. If a member is inactive for over 120 days (has made no posts) their account may be deleted.

  5. "Poems & Quotes" will have full RIGHTS for editing and rewriting of submitted texts as necessary. "Poems & Quotes" reserves the right to not display or post any submissions we deem inappropriate or unacceptable. By submitting material to "Poems & Quotes", you agree we can display, modify, transmit, distribute or delete your posting without needing prior or further consent from you. Submissions may be removed any time at our sole discretion. Authors who submit their poems to us retain their copyrights, but grant "Poems & Quotes" irrevocable world wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their submitted material in printed form or by any other medium, and forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material.