Love poems..

  • hadia
    11 years ago

    About people in love, but seperated.

  • Polaroid
    11 years ago

    I have quite a few about that sort of thing, feel free to check 'em out.


  • TwistedAngel xx
    11 years ago

    Yeah I have a couple like that too


  • shayla
    11 years ago

    I have about 4 but it depends like exactly how your feeling so write me and ill give you a few. no problem at all

  • Unamed
    11 years ago

    I have a few..check them out if u want too....thnks

  • Lemma
    11 years ago


    I think that's the kinda thing you want right? I have quite a few about long-distance stuff.

    Em xXx

  • Sea2Summit
    10 years ago

    Beacon Of Hope

    From my Summit shines a Beacon over this ocean blue
    Thoughts of love sail into my heart
    on a warm north wind from you

    All the wishes and the promises so affectionately said
    Your Face Your Eyes Our Rare Love
    keeps running through my head

    And as I sit and wonder
    how much you are thinking about me
    One silver ship awaits below
    for our journey to True Lovers Sea

    Together we will build our castle
    with sand grains from our soul
    A place from inside to embrace our world
    and make ourselves feel whole

    But for now I'll wait for you
    to whom all my love I send
    Praying for the day we touch
    and begin our happy end

    And if I want to feel your lips
    and get so close to you
    I close my eyes with our emotion
    then let your love come through

    Is the horizon where my blue water
    and your yellow sky kiss the sun?
    Or is it where our love joins together
    and we become as one

    Oh Beacon of Hope please show the way
    and guide us to each other
    So we can happily fall into our dreams,
    which are just ours to discover

  • Faithless
    10 years ago

    Well u can check out my poem collide