Hey guyzzzz!!!!!!!!! help!

  • viothea
    9 years ago

    uhm......... i am looking for a sad love poem
    that will make me cry.........
    the one that's about loving a person......
    but you and that person can never be.........
    something that will make my cry hard!!!!!!!!

  • ether
    9 years ago

    Not love, but terribly, terribly sad.
    I'm quite unemotional and it made me cry.

    And this

    Yeah, you have to think to understand them but that's poetry.

  • John
    9 years ago

    I wrote a poem a while back about a boy who loses his love but gains another one just click on my name and find the poem that is titled 'The Boy'

    dunno if it will make you cry but i was when i wrote it so yeh.. lol

  • LoreNz0
    9 years ago

    Some of mine should b relevent, try 'the feelings i have knowing' and 'road to recovery'.