Dont realize what you got, till its gone!!!

  • Cassie Cain
    9 years ago

    Tell about a nice romantic story, about how you lost some one you took for granted and got back... you just dont know what you have til its gone. trust me..

  • Wasted Fake Smiles
    9 years ago

    Well, my ex took me for granted time and time again. but finally when we last broke up [6th time] i said i'd never date him again. then igot with my eric and now i can tell Logan is missing me like crazy. he's always saying "missing her"...and how lonely he is....but it's too late. he took me for granted way too many times and hurt me far too much. and now im happy and with someone who has no plans to leave me any time soon [though he says he never will, im still cynical about that]. and so i hope in the future logan realizes that he can't use girls like he used me if he ever wants to be happy. lol...

  • Jamie Lorraine
    9 years ago

    Well guys are stuipd well some anyways

  • Elizabeth
    9 years ago

    ^^ Agreed. Sexist much?

  • XxBAYBiiGiRLxX
    9 years ago

    Did you know that guys hurt more then girls when they lose the one they love???
    Guys arent stupid some just make mistakes everyone makes mistakes..... Guys arnt always the reason for the break-up....girls cheat girls lie girls treat guys like crap too...... I am a girl and i believe that not all guys are the same.....plenty of fish in the sea just watch out for sharks that goes for guys and girls!

  • PatheticLittleGirlxx
    9 years ago

    I think everyone is the same.
    They feel the same pain from heart break.
    They cry the same tears.
    They get wounded the same way.
    And they come out of it the same.
    Hurt and broken but definitely the wiser.

    I know i lost someone cos i took them for granted.
    and someone lost me because they took me for granted.
    So in the end.
    Karma had its way.
    And everyone learns from mistakes.

    Although it hurts in the long term you are getting stronger.

  • Aimz
    9 years ago

    Firstly, it's not true that all people are not garbage. Imagine an abuser, someone who beats their partner daily or abuses them mentally, you're telling me that they don't deserve that person to leave them? Yeah right.

    There are always two people in a relationship and it will ALSO take two people to break up. It will never just be one persons fault. A lot of time people take it to heart so much and get 'depressed' after a break up when actually it was both people's fault, I mean just because you don't THINK you did anything wrong, perhaps that was the point. It's only ever because you aren't right for one another.

    If the other person passes away however, you will never know and that definately will take a LOT of energy and tears to come to terms with.

    Still, it doesn't matter what happens, the only point in life is to learn and to enjoy it. Providing you learn from your mistakes in the past, things can only get better right. =o)

  • Teria
    9 years ago

    I honestly think that guys are sometimes smarter than girls, haha.

    I don't have any you don't know what you got until it's gone stories unless you include my father. But, we're kind of re-kindling that and it's a long story, haha. But, I know the saying is true and it's hard to deal with. You need to make smart choices in life and think things through, that's for sure. Not enough people do that now-a-days.

  • He is the Reason
    9 years ago

    Ok, saying all guys are stupid is completely unfair and not true, yes men make mistakes and yes they hurt girls but girls make mistakes too and hurt guys. If you don't want every guy to view all women the same then don't view all guys the same. Anyway lol

    I completely agree that you don't have to loose the person you love to realize what you have. I've been with my fiance for 14 months now and I've never taken what I've found with him for granted, I know what I have with him and would never risk loosing that because I stupidly took it for granted. I've been in unloving and mentally and emotionally abusive relationships, I know what being in bad relationships feel like and I know just what a great and amazing man I have :) If you choose to be smart and have open eyes then you can see just what you have while you have it :)

  • Gem
    9 years ago

    I think girls can be a lot more conniving than men to be honest, whereas when men have a problem, they sink a few beers, talk to their mates and forget about it. Girls stew over it and keep it in mind for weeks before exploding over it.

    We also tend to be nastier in the things we do and say.