Contest Forum Rules

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    7 years ago


    - DO NOT start more than one contest at a given time. Only one contest is permitable until finished and all winners are rewarded.

    - If someone wins and doesn't acknowledge the win, comment as you see fit and you've met your obligation.

    - There is a forum called request to read/comment, that is the only forum in which you are allowed to post requests for other members to read your work.

    - Harassment and vulgar language shall not be tolerated.

    - No spamming or bumping is allowed.

    - No advertisements of any kind are allowed.

    - All posts with all caps will be deleted without penalty, unless the offender has been warned repeatedly.

    - "Poems & Quotes" will have full RIGHTS for editing and rewriting of submitted texts as necessary. "Poems & Quotes" reserves the right to not display or post any submissions we deem inappropriate or unacceptable. By submitting material to "Poems & Quotes", you agree we can display, modify, transmit, distribute or delete your posting without needing prior or further consent from you. Submissions may be removed any time at our sole discretion. Authors who submit their poems to us retain their copyrights, but grant "Poems & Quotes" irrevocable world wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their submitted material in printed form or by any other medium, and forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material.