After all this time

  • Potathoughts
    5 years ago

    Once i was a teenager i was naive then, so naive i don't even know what is love ... i thought the people who hold hands while walking was ... just out of ordinary ... i always ask my friends ... what is love?
    i couldn't understand it ... but then there's this girl
    at first i didn't barely notice her ... but then something came into my mind ... what's her name? why did she change school? ... who is she? ... so many questions
    pop into my mind ...

    day by day i tried to talk to her but i didn't have the courage ... but one day ... we became friends ...
    that day ... like a virus slowly building up in my heart ... like a splinter in my mind ...

    and then ... i was inlove ....
    its been almost 4 years ... or 5, we seperated ... were both now in college ... it seems like
    i cant forget her ... since that day ... i had no girlfriend ... sounds insane but thats the word

    you ... whats your story?

  • xXxBaByDeMoNxXx
    5 years ago

    Wow... i have a very simmilar experiance but right now i dont exactly have the time to write it down but feel free to msg me any time if u need someone to talk to im all ears :) haha im just a great listener and i hear ur thoughts so im here if u need anything i also give advice ^.^

  • Angel
    5 years ago

    I went to a party for my friends birthday and it was ery small about 20 people (teens) and there were some poeple from my school and some people she knew when she lived in japan and a few of her cousins. i met one of her friends from japan and i thought he was nice so throughout that whole night we just talked. beofre he left he gae me his number. 2 weeks later am at a soccer tournament for my sister and i was bored cause none of my friend swere texting me back. then i found his number and within minutes he responded. after that we would talk every day. 2 months later he told me he liked me. a month later we were working on a long distance relationship he didnt live that far but it was far enough where we couldnt really see eachother. i trusted him with everyting. he told me he loved me everyday and i belived him. 4 months later i got an email from him and he broke up with me cause we didnt get to see eachother. i cried but not that much cause i realized he never meant anything he said. that was the worst breakup i've had. am prettty sure he was cheating on me. but the past is the past.