Excited for nothing

  • Angel
    5 years ago

    Every time my mom says we're gunna go do something fun that i want to do she always changes her mind at the last second. i dont remember the last time i did something i wanted to do. its killing me. i'm beginning to lose my emotions again...

  • Jenni
    5 years ago

    What is it that bothers you? The fact that your mom says that you two would do something together and she ends up changing her mind or that you're not doing what you want to do?.

    In case it's the first, then you need to talk to your mom about it, I mean she's the only one who can change it in the end. Try and understand why you two don't end up doing something together as planned.

    If it's the second then what keeps you from doing it either way?

    Anyway, neither of the cases should cause for you to lose your emotions. I do understand that it's disappointing to have hoped for something to happen that was planned either way and then realizing it got canceled again, but try and work towards making it happen.

  • Girl of Conviction
    5 years ago

    Im sorry :[ i can relate my mom used to do the same thing, every time i got excited to do something i wanted it was always called off :[ im sorry i hope it gets better<3