I am looking for children's poems!

  • Skyler
    5 years ago

    I am practicing my drawing for children's books, and I would like to draw pictures based on poems for children. Any poems directed at children, preferably ones that tell stories, are appreciated. I'm not going to use them for anything but drawing practice.

  • xXx Eternal PainxXx
    5 years ago

    Would the one i made for my poetry daughters count? i mean they are MY children and all

  • silvershoes
    4 years ago

    Not much to draw here, but I wrote this 7 years ago:

    Drifting to Sleep
    by Silvershoes

    The crisp night air kisses my skin,
    As I creep into bed with tired eyes,
    I pull the blankets up to my chin,
    And remember childhood lullabies.

    The warmth of memories hugs me tight,
    A smile decks my sleepy face,
    I whisper to myself, "Goodnight,"
    Soon to be swept to a dreamy place.

    My eyelids close and breathing slows,
    Entering the corners of my mind,
    Serenity from my head to toes,
    As worries of the day unwind.

    There is no knowing of time, or care,
    A nightly gift one cannot keep,
    In thoughts or dream, so unaware,
    Bundled up, drifting to sleep.