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  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Please read each of the following poems, and Pm me with your votes. There are 7 poems, but only 4 can go into round 2.... so please vote for each poem, with a yes or no vote. YOU MUST VOTE 4 YES AND 3 NO. this will keep the voting fair.


    Example: something like this
    1- yes
    2. no
    3. yes
    4. no
    5. yes
    6. no
    7. yes

    Voting closes Saturday night, I will post round 2, and the winners going through, on Sunday.




    Two numbers that can change a mindset.
    A human brain needs time to change,
    like the cycle of the moon
    or sand falling through glass,
    we require twenty-one days.

    A cigarette burns like a beacon,
    it removes doubt and cuddles your mind,
    it strokes your inner thoughts and whispers,
    Oh so gently into your ear,
    have another drag.

    That shot glass fits finger and thumb,
    feeling like a part that has fallen off.
    It's sweet innards carry us away from here,
    to a reality that needs no coping,
    a place where we are equal
    even in our daughters eyes.

    A change of attitude turns slowly,
    the meek bloom from extinguished self doubt,
    a feel of real worth bathes their fears
    washing them away forever,
    a new man, a new start.

    Twenty-one days
    the cigarette is cancer on a stick
    the shot glass is a bullet in your hand,
    A brain can be reprogrammed.


    Her Tale Of Woe

    Laying down staring at the moon,
    A girl of nineteen seemed to appear
    Stunning was she though she'd never let it show
    Beseeching she said,"Let me tell you the story of my fall"
    Mesmerised by her plea all though was gone
    Taking the silence as a yes she began her tale of woe

    "As a child i saw the world as it truly seemed to be
    No innocence to hide behind
    Yet that's what the heart craved
    So as to please both the heart and soul
    I made a companion
    An imaginary friend I believe the term is called
    I had named her Bella"

    At that last word her voice cracked
    Breathing softly to keep the tears at bay
    Her voice went low
    And began once again

    "She was temptation to most if any truly saw her
    Silver hair violet eyes creamy pale skin
    I really could go on and on but I shall not
    The thing that brought me to my knees was the goodness and innocence of her heart"

    Tears escaped their prison
    Time almost seemed to slow
    Yet all she wished was for it to reverse
    Though it never would

    "We really had everything five year old girls could ever want
    Yet we knew our family would ruin it all
    Sanity my family couldn't claim
    Like a coward I went to slumber deep within
    My bride could deal with them for i knew she'd never break"

    Sad violin music the heart played
    Painful and slow it still appeared whole
    But the tale continued on

    "Years passed and traumatic events just became a sad pile
    The gracious and warm hearted girl I promised to love forever died
    A pessimist seemed to bloom and flourish with every sunrise.

    Hardly any saw the girl I made and swore to cherish
    Only three souls seemed to pentrate her spiked castle
    Myself, her first love and a man she shouldn't have let in

    Insane was the pain I let her suffer
    Thinking back it's a miracle she lasted two months after my reawakening
    Strong she had looked but like Cinderella the magic was gone at midnight

    Planning her last scheme she didn't care who stood in her way
    Friend or foe they'd be used
    Creating a reason for herself to commit suicide"

    Mournfully she touched her wedding ring
    Whispering softly the last part of her life
    She looked at the moon

    "After I had closed my eyes days before my high-school graduation
    I saw her for the last time
    She tenderly kissed me goodbye and said I'd always be her wife
    Didn't know what she had meant till the next day..

    So now sweet angel you know my tale
    Tell God I'll be there later for i too need to say my own farewells"
    With that she faded into the night


    What we may capture

    My sins will repeat themselves, even when
    daylight nudges me, even when I am fully aware
    of all the trust I have been building within myself.
    We wilt like roses, living inside cliches when others feed
    us and we somehow drink from the fountain of life,
    yet never understand why or where we're supposed
    to travel from there.
    And the cinematographers focus on new angles,
    editing out mistakes, cutting aged stories that only
    cause our hearts to grow tired.
    But those stories once colored us,
    and though we still may decay, recovering from
    what we learned would be temporary,
    we are storytellers.
    And our antiquity sounds within us until
    we are living proof that we are not simply
    bodies to gaze at in motion;
    we are prayers and ink and newfound breath
    and gasping roots and spring's brightest bloom and
    rising sufferers and light seekers and followers



    My Window

    Opening to the world,
    the window in my room.
    No bars, yet a prisoner
    resides inside this tomb.

    Sad eyes watch the seasons,
    Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
    as they seemingly change
    with no reason at all.

    Watching people walk by,
    they smile, laugh, no sound heard
    by these anxious deaf ears.
    Imposed silence preferred.

    With imagination,
    stories are created.
    Happy or sad endings,
    my choice debated.

    For a moment in time
    outside my world, life blooms,
    this prisoner is freed,
    hope and happiness looms.



    Title: The Lavalier

    Outside the rustic porch,
    near the stairs that bloom with magnolias,
    a dim light highlights the braided daisies in your hair.
    While at the corner in the roof - a candle, white and pure,
    sways from a rope attached from a hook
    just like my heart does for you.

    It seems as if each step your hands give
    towards opening the front door-
    where dreams are the entrance to your home,
    spark a fire in its mesh, a burning desire
    to melt its wax with the heat of your touch.

    Even the old swing flirts with your skirt
    as the wind swirls a mischievous breeze
    against its black dotted fabric.
    The wooden floors kiss your sandals
    with a squeaky passion heard by the entire boulevard,
    And let's not forget, how the rural windows
    stalk your eyes until your legs feel,
    a creeping rush to refuge in your room:
    The sanctuary where a wall mirror
    reflects my presence in your collarbone,
    the jewel everyone dreams to kiss
    but that only I do.


    Title: Soulmates Never Die

    You got me through it all;
    you always gave me an umbrella
    when I wept tsunamis;
    you always turned yourself into a lightning rod
    whenever I needed to scream thunders

    You were the pillar that kept my roof up;
    that one anchor I had to make me stay in place
    so that I wouldn't drift out into the ocean;
    now that you're gone I've left home,
    sleeping in the beds of strangers

    You were the only one to hear my real voice
    when I spoke about evil,
    and what evil is,
    how evil I thought I was,
    and soothed me, you understood,

    I could tell you about the nightmares, the flashbacks triggered,

    of when I was but an elementary student,
    and how I thought God hated me, and that I was evil,
    and me being evil is why the adults pretended not to notice
    that evil men showed me evil things;
    and that the adults pretended not to notice
    that I tried to kill myself for the first time at age 9

    But you did understand
    You kissed me on my forehead
    and told me that I'm beautiful--
    that the only beauty worth having
    is the beauty of bitter scars,
    showing that you've survived

    I found solace in your embrace
    as the wrecking ball of old memories ached
    whenever I remembered that
    as a child, I saw evil so many times
    that I don't have any fond memories

    But then you were gone,
    and I'm sitting here alone inside these walls
    afraid to enter the world again,
    of having to face evil alone

    Best friend, my lover, my reason,
    without your laughter and smiles,
    all my serenity exploded
    and left me in a thousand pieces

    And I'm picking them up, one by one,
    my lover, my friend, you, my place of rest,
    it is for you that I'm picking myself up again
    so that the next time you see me,
    I've become a house called home again

    I simply can't dream of a future
    that doesn't have a place for
    us laying in the grass, just watching stars again

    that's why the only prayer I have left to keep me going
    is that only truth left Brian Molkos throat
    when he sang that
    "soulmates never die"



    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    Last night I wondered where you are
    Nothing is the same now
    That you've left us nothing to wow.

    Scream, scream little star
    Don't you know you're my favorite scar
    Left me broken down
    Made me a joke in this stupid town.

    Rage, rage little star
    Why cant I be the one so far
    Anything to get away
    From this hell begging me to stay.

    Whisper, whisper little star
    Release us from this world of tar
    You cant leave us here
    Not when you are what we fear.

    Live, live little star
    What if love is all we are
    Tell us everything's alright
    We have you till dawn's sweet light.


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    Come on people, need more than 4 votes????

    Please keep voting, so I can post round 2 tonight!!

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    Thanks for voting - still tied, since there have only been 5 votes.