Team/Club Battle

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    So I want to host another battle of teams, either in groups of 3/4, or in your clubs. YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, so let me know.

    I will post 7/8 prompts, you will have 3 days to turn in as many poems as you can. Members are not allowed to post twice in a row.

    THEN... each team will be given one day to decide on only 5 poems per team, that will go on to face the public vote, where members will have to vote on poems besides their own teams.

    SO... who is in on this? What is your thoughts? I will begin this starting next Monday, which gives everyone a week to prepare themselves and get their other team/club mates to be around near the time

  • Beautiful Soul
    4 years ago

    Good luck all who enter... Not for me though.