Weekly Prompt Challenge

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Choose any of the following prompts, and PM me with your poem by Thursday night. You may use as much of the prompts as you want, and each person may submit up to 2 poems.



    1. Write about the colour red, but include the number two.

    2. The moon is more important than the sun because...

    3. Pick a random person you know, and use their name, or screen name, to write an acrostic.

    4. Love is beauty. Love is Pain.

    5. Write a four line poem about a haunted house, but do it twice. First time where each line rhymes, then again with no rhymes at all.

    6. "I like you crazy" he said.

    7. The cup tipped over, spilling its contents onto her phone, which was the only remaining contact she had with the outside world.

    8. Close your eyes, point to something, then something, then something else, then open your eyes, and write about the last thing you pointed at.

    9. A love triangle between an elf, wizard, and human changes the world.

    10. You are watering your plants, when you hear a voice whispering your name, but there is no one around.

    11. an acquaintance suffers from a unique addiction.. or unique phobia.

    12. The mirror never lies... or does it?

    13. almonds, peaches and cranberries

    14. You are thrown back into your past, but find it totally different to what you recall.

    15. think of 2 random names, and then use them in a poem about 2 actors in a play.

  • The Fairy Mary Poppins
    4 years ago

    Going to join if I can ^_^

  • Hannah Lizette
    4 years ago

    Lovely prompts!

    If I have time this week, I will definitely get one in! :)

  • xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex
    4 years ago

    Is this still open?

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    No - I scrapped it - but don't worry - I will do another soon, I promise