Missing Him

  • ibelievedhim
    2 years ago

    My boyfriend Justin is in jail until October 25th. Some days are a little easier for me than others, especially if we had a really good conversation the night before. Some days are horrible and I just want to cry. I am so excited for him to come home, but my parents hate him. They have never met or spoken to Justin and they aren't willing to give him a chance.

    He wanted to come see me for Christmas but my mom said no. She said it would be disrespectful because it was a family holiday and she didn't want him in her house. I told her I could see him somewhere else and she said that she thinks I am being selfish for wanting to see him on my dad's favorite holiday. I said what about what I want? Nobody cares how I feel about it. I suggested that I could spend all day with the family and then do Christmas with Justin at night. She said absolutely not, that it would be an in your face disrespectful act to my family. So, even though I was hurt and upset I respected her wishes and told Justin she said I was not to see him on Christmas.

    So knowing that Christmas was off the table, Justin asked me about Halloween. It's not a family holiday and we don't give candy to trick or treaters because we have a dog that is crazy around other people. I told him I would definitely be interested in getting a room and watching scary movies with him. I haven't told my parents my plans for Halloween yet because I am afraid they'll be upset. I am not asking their permission because I am an adult. If they don't like it, I am still going. There is no valid reason they can give to keep me home. It's not a family holiday, we never plan anything, and I want to do something that makes me happy.

  • Sunshine
    2 years ago

    Exactly, you should always do what mskes you happy no matter what anyone else says.

  • Em
    2 years ago

    Second this!