A Gift for my Brother

  • Brandon Dykens
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    This is kind of a weird request, so let me explain:

    My name is Randy East, you may wonder why I'm posting under this account (Brandon). Well its kind of a long story. Brandon is my brother whom I care for very much. Currently he is in Jail (under odd circumstances that wasn't even his fault) he will be getting out very soon. Im posting under his account because I created it for him as a gift. Between all the poems he's written while in jail and in his face book thread over the years, he's compiled quite the collection. I myself have an account with poems and Quotes and have loved it for the last 10 years. So... as a gift to Brandon, I've compile all of his poems here for safekeeping. Its taken quite some time to pull them from his Facebook account and type all of the poems up I've received via post card. So to make his gift even sweater after he finds out all his poems are organized here, it would be awesome if he had a ton of reviews as well. would you be so kind to review his writs, it would be FANTASTIC!


  • Brenda replied to Brandon Dykens
    1 year ago

    Randy, this is a really nice thing you are doing for your brother, all the best-