Image Prompt

  • Tony
    9 months ago

  • Tony
    9 months ago

    Painted Eyes

    I'm on my knees and writing
    My fingers burn another line
    In my attempts to dry your tears
    When you're telling me you're fine

    Crumpled tearstained pages
    Lay scattered all around
    Soaked to the point of shredding
    With the pain that I have found

    With bravery and beauty
    You have painted over your eyes
    Hiding behind the dripping coat
    Cradled in disguise

    But I will one day find you
    And you'll have no need to hide
    I have learned what is inside you
    Through all the paint that I have dried

  • Larry Chamberlin
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Powerful graphic!

    Locked Behind the Lashes

    You huddle in grief from the pain
    and I wish that I could say all of it was due
    to the actions of another.

    I wipe your tears with the pages of our novel
    wondering if any of it was worth writing
    to have left you beset this way.

    Open your arms, reach through to me
    and let us make this day the first of many
    that will heal the wounds between us.

    [Tony’s graphic prompt:]

  • Tony replied to Larry Chamberlin
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    I came across it this morning and could not get it out of my head. It made me think of someone special.

    Love your interpretation!

  • Em (marmite)
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Letting go of the one you love

    I see beauty in your eyes
    even if you're knee deep
    in blood sweat and tears

    I want to hold you close
    but my harrowing past
    still controls my mind

    so I need to let you go.

    I'll never forget you,


  • Tony
    9 months ago

    You should post this. It inspiring and I think people who are struggling to let go might find strength in this.

    Not me, lol

    I'll never let go ; )