How to write Jigsaw Poems

by Lenny   Aug 20, 2005

A jigsaw poems is heaps of fun to write by yourself or with a bunch of friends. Basically you write a whole heap of words down along the same theme line, then you put them together with a few joining words (the, and etc..) to make a poem. Just like a jigsaw. You dont have to use all of the words and feel free to add your own.

Here is a list of words you could make one out of: Window Glassy Tree Fog Frost Pinecone Damp Fortune Eyes Misty Moor Eels Slimy Distance Beyond Faith Belonging Cast Shivers Dwells Lingers Held Lost Create Drags Foolish Aware Distant Gentle Stab Wary Ebbs

Or make your own, heres an example of one that me and a bunch of my friends wrote:

Beyond the window he fades,
A distant shadow in the night
A lonely smile rises like a silent wish...
A hum in the distance drags a precious tear from a confused believer,
Dense mist tests her faith,
Yet beyond a pine tree she glimpses once more.

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