Winners of Poetry Contest

  • Gossip (13) 8 WIN

    by Michael

    In her absence-
    mouths gather round the...

  • october. (8) 5 WIN

    by hiraeth

    october crackles its’ warmth during
    the nights. the streetlights illuminate...

  • The aftermath of pain. (5) 5 WIN

    by Poet on the Piano

    I know that people aren't burdens
    but I'm feeling burdensome...

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Latest Poems

  • Cracks in the Window (2) 2

    by Maple Tree

    Haunted air
    swirls round...

  • Our Human Ways 2

    by Mark

    When I foresee the doom pollution brings:
    I rush to fresher air, but sighing more...

  • Shall I from heart reveal your grace in rhyme?
    Your tenderness enthrals a love thought lost...

Popular Quotes

  • Within each tear, there's a lesson worth learning.

  • Children soak up the world around them. Do them a favour, show them a sea of goodness, the waterfalls of free love, and the perilous rivers of sin.

  • Love is like respect, it starts from within.