How the Discussion Forums Works.

by Timeless Hopeful   Mar 9, 2006


My name as you may know is Ismail. I am a veteran, around posting in
P&Q and here are some things you should know about posting.

There are thirteen post forums you can enter too:

Poetry Talk:
Writing Poetry: In this forum you can discuss the practical skills of
poetry. For example: Using the thesaurus, writing styles (acrostics,
rhyming poems, free style poems etc). One thing you should remember is
when you want to show a poem that you think needs some work, give the
poems’ link rather than write it in the post thread. That is a big NO NO.
Many would divert your poem to another forum, which would give you less

Poetry Discussion: Here you can discuss and interpret many poems and many quotes. It is a good place to learn more on great poets of the old.

Looking for a poem:
Here you can ask if people know where to find a poem or even ask for someone to write a poem for you. Seeing as this is a
haven for good and great poets, you will find it easy to look and ask
for a poem.

Poetry Websites and Contests:
Here there are a plethora of contests that incite you to use your creative writing and show off the poems you already have. It is also a place where you can learn about more good poetry sites out there.

Community Talk:
Meet the community Members: Here is where you can introduce yourselves and say little titbits about yourselves.

Member Message Forum:
Here is where the fun really starts. Here you can discuss controversial issues, and issues that interest you. One thing you must learn is that there will be bickering, arguments, and personal insults. But one thing you should learn is that you shouldn’t take it into heart.

Requests to read/comment poems:
This is the ONLY place in the forum where you should post your requests to read, rate, and comment and critique your poems. Ok!

One thing you should learn, if you want to a respected opinionated person, is that you should always spell check your words. This is not a chat room, so you should not need to write (lyk ths). Ok.

Do not bring back old threads that have not been answered for a week.

Do not spam.

Do not advertise your poems in P&Q unless you want a really honest and harsh critique.

Do not post other’s text as your own. If you want to put another
Person’s text, simply use quotation marks.

No swearing: I don’t know where the lines stand, but definitely no extremely vulgar and bad words like the f word.

There are those who just love to argue. I am talking of course about people like myself, so one thing you should learn is that if an argument starts. EXCUSE YOURSELF OUT. They will find ways to twist your words around, and try and use it to their advantage. And I suggest you don’t show your anger, they will expose it as well.

Finally you should learn how to respect another person’s opinion.
This is a big rule in P&Q.

So, whether you are a Beginner or Veteran, this is how the forums works.

Thank you.


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