Convolute your lexis

by Lenny   Oct 30, 2006

Lets discuss ants,
lets re-write dates,

The maiden
under chivalrous rule,
or autocratic,
the tyrants statute, and statue,

Its strange to think,
And ponder the blah,
of the words that make up
our collected patois,

The screeds, and the scrims,
The striates, and the scads,
All wonderful words,
To add to vocabs,

So the next time you natter,
Or chinwag with a pal,
Be sure to append,
With rankle? Chaparral?

For a convoluted lexis,
Can be quite a delight,
And to outwit a linguistic,
Exceeds pleasures rite.

Please, please, please, PLEASE, take the time out of your day to learn atleast one new word, and include one or two in your poems. Synonyms are our friends, and thesaurases were a gift from god to the poet, so feel free to exploit them. Lexis = vocabulary.

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