Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Can Cliche's Ever be New?

by Teria   Apr 12, 2007

There's a truth to love that only fairy tales can present. A truth that is unknown in reality, but somehow comes true when you're in the midst of a fairy tale.

People base their lives on fairy tales, because their life is based upon love, hope and happiness. Though, many don't even realize that it's what they live for. Everyone needs and wants love, hope and happiness. You cannot get by without it, no matter what you tend to say. Life has a purpose, and that purpose is written in every fairy tale you read. Even if society has taken us to another realm of this world, deep down we know exactly what it is we live for. We know that life itself is based upon the theme of many chapter books, of which are made for children. And, even though life has bumpy roads, it has the meaning that everyone wants it to have.

People search for that meaning each and every day. But, life's not about searching for what's out there, it's about creating what could be there. And, I believe the people who wrote those fairy tales didn't forget what the purpose of life was, and they didn't search for anything. They created it in their fairy tales. Which is what everyone should do.

People take these fairy tales that have done so much in just about every human being on this earth, and they recreate them. They take these pieces of work that have come from the hearts of many incredible people that have created them to show what life should be like. These people have given us the hope we need for a better life. They've granted us the wishful thinking that we should have through-out each day. They've shown us the meaning of life. And, others who decide they want to change it, they ruin that. Those that fail should try writing something of their own, that can actually be of some use to someone, instead of wasting their time recreating something useless. And, those that succeed, well those people should come up with their own themes and their own work to change the world. Because, classic fairy tales are what bring this world peace each and every night. They're what has created each person's faith for true love, and they've created happiness that we now know exists. The moment you read a fairy tale you know that somewhere, somehow those same feelings are meant for you as well.

Last week I took the time to read a recreated Cinderella story. It was a great story, but it wasn't the original. It didn't have as much meaning to it, and it didn't give me the same feeling I feel when I read Cinderella. That person took a piece of work and made it something different. They made it something so much less intense that it was almost unbelievable. And, I kept thinking to myself 'how and why would someone want to recreate such a brilliant fairy tale?'

I've still yet to find out that answer. Because, a writer knows that something that comes from the heart is a million times better than something that came from someone else's heart. And, they know that recreating something that has changed their lives, along with many others could change it once again. But, not for the better.. for worse. It could take someone's hope for love and happiness and crush it within seconds. No matter how good they've done in the process of making it something else, they've taken away the true meaning of that story. They've recreated it into the total opposite, no matter how hard they try not to. Because, when something is written and is perfect, it needs no change whatsoever. Nor does it need to be revised.

People should not recreate fairy tales. They take away the meaning of something that is completely needed in life. They break a bond between humanity and love and it's unorthodox. It shouldn't be done, period.

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