Getting Around in Poems-and-Quotes Main sections (Part 1)

by Sherry Lynn   Apr 12, 2007

Being new to a site can be rather confusing. Here you will find the answers to common questions that are asked everyday. If you do have a question that is not addressed in any of these articles then, please, ask and someone will try to answer it when possible. This particular article (1 of 3) will guide you through the main links at the top of your page.

Let us start with a tour:

At the top of your screen you will see different links that can be helpful. The first link is title Poems & Quotes. Clicking on this link will simply take you to the front page giving you a chance to view:
1) The winners of our weekly poetry contest
2) Top rated recent poems
3) Recent articles about writing poetry
4) Newsletter

By clicking on the links provided in each section you will then be taken to that particular poem or article. If you fill in the information on the newsletter section, providing us with your email address, you will then start receiving a newsletter from Poems-and-Quotes.

The next link on the top of you screen is to allow you or a friend to register here at P-n-Q. Just simply click on the link marked register and then fill in the information required. An e-mail will then be sent to you that will allow you to activate your account so you can begin posting your own poems.

Clubs is the third link provided to you. By clicking on this link it will take you to all the different clubs that have been started here. Once you are in the section of clubs you can begin to read about each club and click on their links to join. By joining a club you are expanding your resources to grow as a writer and to get help when needed. Most of the clubs here will take part in different activities and writing competitions that you will benefit from.

After clubs you will find members. Here you can search for a particular member or just scroll through and scout out everyone while enjoying the different writing styles that everyone portrays.

Contest, the next link, will allow you to view the past winners for each contest. To join a contest all you have to do is simply post your poem on the site for different members to read. There is no special action that needs to be taken.

Articles are next. Here you will find different articles that will provide you with information other members have written. Most articles written are to help give ideas on ways to improve writing techniques.

Following articles is the link for FAQs. This link will simply provide you with answers to the most common questions. If you have a question then simply check it out.

Discussions is a thing all its own. By clicking on this link you are taken to the main forums. You can explore, read, and even reply to the different threads that each forum contains. To return to the main page forums once again simply click on discussions; to return to the main page then click on Poems & Quotes. It may seem overwhelming at first, but hang in there and you will soon be navigating like a pro.

The chat link is provided to take you to our chat area; that is when the chat is up and running. Janis, the owner of our wonderful site, is planning to bring that chat room back so just keep updated on the news. When chat is running we ask that every member be respectful while in there and follow the chat guidelines.

You will find more information regarding the links to your account and information regarding you account in part two of this three part article. Best of luck and enjoy you new home here at P-n-Q.

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