Getting Around in Poems-and-Quotes Your Account (Part 2)

by Sherry Lynn   Apr 12, 2007

In Part one we toured the different links that can be found at the top of your screen along with the links and contents provided within them. In this portion we will tour through and discuss the links on the right side of your screen regarding your account and the functions within those links.

To begin with we will start with your poems. This link will simply take you to the poems that you have posted and allow you to edit, delete, feature (or demote if already featured) each poem. It also shows if you have any comments written by other members. The old comments are noted in blue () after the title of each poem while the new comments are noted in red (). Simply click on the number in the () to view the comments.

Featuring a poem simply means that you want it displayed on the front of you profile so other members will see that poem before the see those on the latest poems list. This feature is nice if you have a long list of poems and you want some of your older ones to be featured. Demoting a poem will simply take it of the featured list while allowing it to remain in the latest poems.

You quotes is simply a link that will take you to any quotes you may have posted and allow you to see the ratings of that quote. It also allows you to edit or delete your quote just like your poems.

The third link is submit poem. This link will allow you to submit your poems one at a time. Simply click on this link and fill in the text required. All poems submitted must be your original work or they will be deleted and your account may be suspended.

Once you click on the link to submit your poems you will click in the box stating that the poetry is in fact written by you. After all fields are filled out then simply chose to either spell check or submit. When you click on submit if you are informed that there are spelling errors, even though you have double check and know that there are no errors, you can click on the drop down box to override the spell checker and have your poem submitted into the category that you chose.

The fourth link is submit quote. This link is pretty much the same as the submit poems, only your quotes are limited to 255 characters. Again the quotes are to be your own work and not plagiarized. Plagiarizing will get your account suspended with no questions asked.

Poetry club is the fifth link and there are other links regarding your poetry club in a small indented section below the poetry club link. The main poetry club link will take you to your club and from there if you choose to quite your club you may.

â–º The poems link under poetry club will take you to the poems that have been written by the members of your club. This feature is nice to have if you do not want to scroll through each member individually.

â–º The members link will simply take you to a list of all the members in your club and from there you can click on each members name to view their profile and poems.

â–º Discussions will take you to all the discussions held in your club. It is highly recommended that you keep your discussions confidential, even if you choose to later leave the club. If you are having problems with a particular in your club then please take it to your club manager or the assistants and not out on the public forums.
Add/change profile. This feature allows you to create your profile, change your password, and even delete your own account. If you have created your profile and later want to change it you can through this little yet important gizmo.

Add/change photo. Here you can upload a photo of your choice, not a sexually explicit one; to be shown on your profile and with any comments you leave on the forums. Images should be in JPG or GIF format and not bigger than 130x150 pixels and 20Kb. If your photo is too large there are a few places on the internet that you may go to in order to resize them easily and effortlessly. The first website is and from there you select the size to be either 120 or 100. The second site is and you can make the changes you want from there. You can also use Miscrosoft Office 2007 if you already have it. If not then the websites above are free to the public.

After photos you then have favorites. Here you can simply view everyone that you have placed on you favorites and see if they have any new poems. If they have posted a new poem then the number of new poems posted will show in blue in the second set of ()s. To add an author to your favorites simply go to their profile by clicking on their name then click the link saying add to favorites. From there enjoy each new poem they write.

The ninth main link on your right panel is contest nominations. Here you can view the most recent nominations and the top rated contest nominations. Once you have become a senior member you can then vote on poems yourself. A senior member has a minimum of 100 poems submitted or at least 20 members have selected to place you on their favorite’s lists.

When you are ready to log out all you have to do is simply click on the last link provided to you in the right panel. Once you have done this then you must sign back in, even if you do not close your internet browser.

In part three we will discuss the different links and their contents. Again, I encourage you to read the FAQs if your questions have not been answered in either of these articles. If you still find that your question remains unanswered then please post it in the correct forum so other members may answer you as soon as possible.

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