Getting Around in Poems-and-Quotes (Part 3 of 3)

by Sherry Lynn   Apr 12, 2007

In parts 1 and 2 we discussed the links and features on the top part of your screen and on the right side of you screen. In this discussion we will now turn our attention to those special links and features on the left of our screen. After these three discussions you navigation skills here in the PnQ community should be less frustrating allowing you to relax more while enjoying a pleasant experience.

In the white space there is a list of different types of poems. When you click on one of these links it will then take you to the poems in that particular category. Are you in the mood for humor? If so, then select fun, humor. Are you looking to read a love poem? Then check out the love and romance. Each category is pretty self explanatory and will help you find just what you are looking through without reading every poem on the site. The explicit section, however, requires a member to be at least 18 years of age before entering and contains cursing as well as sexual poems.

When on the main page the first link in the community section is members. This link will provide you with every member registered at PnQ. As of now there are at least 40,693 members registered. You can search for members by rating, alphabet, or poems. If you know the name of a particular member you can enter it in the search box located above the members list and do a fast and easy search.

The second link in the community section is moderators. This link will show you who the moderators are and allow you to easily access their profile so you can send them an email if needed. Currently there are 7 moderators (Aken Sol, Ann Marie, Bob Shank, Joe (Italian Stallion), Kevin Murray, Sean Allen, and Sherry Lynn), an administrator (Dainz), and the site owner (Janis).

Poetry clubs is next on the list. By clicking on this link it will take you to all the different clubs that have been started here. Once you are in the section of clubs you can begin to read about each club and click on their links to join. By joining a club you are expanding your resources to grow as a writer and to get help when needed. Most of the clubs here will take part in different activities and writing competitions that you will benefit from.

Contest winners is the fourth link down in communities. Here you are able to view the past winners for each contest. To join a contest all you have to do is simply post your poem on the site for different members to read. There is no special action that needs to be taken.

Discussions is a thing all its own. By clicking on this link you are taken to the main forums. You can explore, read, and even reply to the different threads that each forum contains. To return to the main page forums once again simply click on discussions; to return to the main page then click on Poems & Quotes. It may seem overwhelming at first, but hang in there and you will soon be navigating like a pro.

The chat link is provided to take you to our chat area; that is when the chat is up and running. Janis, the owner of our wonderful site, is planning to bring that chat room back so just keep updated on the news. When chat is running we ask that every member be respectful while in there and follow the chat guidelines.

In the other websites category you will find links that will take you to each website. There is, Elite skills, Literacy escape, and Poetry Resources. These links will provide you with a bigger opportunity to learn about writing poetry.

This will conclude the three part series and I hope that each of you enjoy your time here. If you still have questions then please check out the FAQs section. If you still do not find the answer then simply post your questions in the correct forum. Many of the members on this site are happy to help if they are simply asked to.

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