A Guide to Praising Comments

by Krista   Dec 22, 2008

Have you ever had a comment on one of your poems, and you thought it was just plain out mean, because they pointed out a few mistakes, or suggested something better?
I know I have.
This short article will be a quick guide on how to praise a comment, and the criterian on which it should be praised.
First, everyone has had a in-depth comment from someone, hopefully. Some people may take the comment to be mean, but it may be constructive to your poem! If they suggest things to change, or something along those lines, then change it! Whether it be the flow of the poem, or a phrase; if it helps, change it!
Comments can be very constructive, or very blunt, depending on the commenter. Usually people who have been on the site for a long time tend to give more in depth comments, instead of the quick, "I liked it, 5/5". I like receiving those nice, long, constructive comments. They really help me to fix a poem and make it a lot better.
You should praise a comment if they helped you in any way. If they just suggested a word change, or a change of flow in the poem, praise them! But remember, just because they are a highly ranked member does not mean they need to be praised. They could have platinum all across the board and have won weekly contests, but that has no say in whether you should praise it or not. It all depends on the depth of the comment, and whether it is "praise-worthy."

So there you have it. Praise the comments that give you helpful, constructive criticism. Do not praise the quick one-liners. They don't help you any.

Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust,

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