The Syntuit poem form

by Larry Chamberlin   Oct 25, 2016

A Syntuit is comprised of 17 syllables in three lines of 5-7-5. It does not rhyme and holds to most rules of the Haiku and Senryu including the juxtaposition between the two parts causing a sense of resonance. Some call this the "aha!" moment, but perhaps it need not be earth shattering to be effective. However, rather than presenting a visual message, it relies more on philosophical or reflective language. This form is an attempt to preserve the pure versions of the Haiku and Senryu forms by providing an alternative.

A three line poem. Like a syllogism the first two lines build a statement which are concluded in the third line. Like a Senryu or a Haiku it is comprised of 17 syllables and the third line is an intuitive departure from the first two lines rather than a logical conclusion from them, as a syllogism would have been. Unlike either the Senryu or the Haiku, the Syntuit is not limited to physical description or observations. It may be philosophical, thoughtful, ironic, or whimsical. It is not limited to themes regarding nature or humanity.


Bruised Stasis (syntuit) by Larry Chamberlin [WIN - Oct 2016]

It is really tough
for abused children to grow
beyond hidden pain


Everyone loves a panda (syntuit) by Mr Darcy [WIN - July 2016]

Contrasting colours
of nature shine equally
unless they're human


To Swim Without Gills (syntuit) by Ben Pickard [Oct 2016]

was never an option for
the love of my life.


Abusers & Terrorists (syntuit) by Larry Chamberlin [HM - July 2016]

Eyes will be windows
to the soul unless you are
found not to have one.


I Won't Tell The Police (syntuit) by Ben Pickard [July 2016]

She shot the man dead
but being a good father
makes me a bad man.


Corked wine (syntuit string) by Mr Darcy [HM - July 2016]

The table was laid
out just the way he liked it:
shrouded by flamed light

he picked up the glass,
greedily gulping it down:
red eyes flickering

his cruel cold hard fists
smashed into her pretty face;
her fault yet again

she rose from the floor,
wiped a smile onto her face
and apologised

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