Community Awards

Here is a list of "Poems & Quotes" community awards.

Awards granted to poems

HM  (Honorable Mention's Award) - received at least one contest judge's vote.
WIN  (Contest Winner's Award) - winner of a weekly poetry contest.

Awards granted to poets

Writers Awards (How many poems this poet has submitted)

P  (Bronze Writer's Award) - 30 poems or more
P  (Silver Writer's Award) - 100-199 poems and 100 likes
P  (Gold Writer's Award) - 200-399 poems and 200 likes
P  (Platinum Writer's Award) - 400 or more poems and 500 likes

Critique's Awards (How many comments this poet has written about other poems)

C  (Bronze Critique's Award) - 50 comments or more
C  (Silver Critique's Award) - 10-19 praised comments
C  (Gold Critique's Award) - 20-49 praised comments
C  (Platinum Critique's Award) - 50 or more praised comments

Favorite's Awards (How many people have put this poet on their favorites list)

F  (Bronze Favorite's Award) - 5-19 members
F  (Silver Favorite's Award) - 20-49 members
F  (Gold Favorite's Award) - 50-99 members
F  (Platinum Favorite's Award) - 100 or more members