Comments : Take this to your grave and I'll take it to mine

  • 11 years ago

    by NyellMoonlight

    I have to say that I am impressed, you truly left me in awe with this superb poem. Every stanza is excellently written, filled with remarkable descriptions that really amazed me. Brilliant poem, you managed to express your emotions in a original and outstanding way. I truly can't find anything to critique here, this piece is simply breathtaking from the first to the last line. The thing I like the most about your poems is your fantastic vocab, your choice of words is truly astonishing and stunning and this poem is not an exception. The imagery that you portrayed is also great along with unique metaphors.
    My favorite stanza is:

    - Castigate these ample tears invoking ardent sorrows,
    that stalk my footsteps and linger endlessly in shadows.
    Replacing flagrant longing with scar-stained eulogy,
    we are lost in the lovelorn of our arcane purgatory.-
    Brilliant in every way.
    I love the ending, too, it rounds up the whole poem excellently.
    This piece is going to my favs.
    Keep up!
    5/5 from me but you certainly deserve more!